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Meerkats are the eatures that we call. The furry friend is most likely to be seen as meerkats on Animal Planet, nature documentaries or the Lion King. Thanks to their cute standing poses and huge eyes, meerkats are the top of the line when it comes to adorable burrowing animals. The sheer complexity of Meerkats’ family relationships make them interesting to study and watch. Scientists are constantly discovering new details about meerkats’ behaviour despite years of extensive research. In this video, we’ll review some fundamental facts concerning this adorable African mammal.

While they’re closely related to Meerkats and the mongoose their distinct tails aren’t adorned with the bushy hairs. They are sometimes called the “slender-tailed mongoose.” Mobs are the names of a family group consisting of meerkats. The majority of mobs have at least three breeding pairs per mob. Females lead the mob, and there is only one leader. The other non-breeding meerkats act as babysitters and sentinels for the entire group. Meerkats weigh about 1.5 pounds. They are about 1” tall while standing on their hind legs.


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