What to do If Your Brake Fails – Car Talk Podcast


This is quite a scary scenario. Imagine you’re flying along the highway. You see a stoplight ahead and decide to accelerate the break. It’s not happening. What should you do when faced with a situation such as this? In this instructional video, you will learn what you should do in the event that the brakes on your vehicle fail.

The emergency brake must be utilized immediately when your brakes cease to function. Though it’s unlikely to stop your car completely but it will slow your vehicle considerably. To signal to other drivers that you’re going to leave, switch on your hazard light and sound a siren to indicate that your car is in motion. It is possible to turn left into the hill when you see the road that is going upwards. In the event of an emergency, you can slow your vehicle down by making use of small trees or guardrails. There are some highways that have emergency crash cushions. It is also possible to turn down one gear to aid the vehicle slide down. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it to stop becoming a spinner.

These tricks can allow you to survive a failure of brakes. In the end, it’s best to keep a brake failure from happening from the beginning. Regular brake inspections are vitally significant.


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