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Refrigerated trailers may function as refrigerators or freezers. There are two varieties of refrigerator units. There’s a primary one and secondary. If you run into issues, you’ll be able to have an alternative. It’s suggested to employ a generator in order to power your fridge. It is very important to consider the length of and the source of your cable, along with the breakers are you using. In the beginning, you’ll need to fire up your generator. Plug the black cable into the circuit you have designated. Then, check your device and make sure that all switches are off. Switch your main power source and your unit on. Follow these directions to set the desired temperature. There may be a few problems if you happen to come across them. If you do not use an engine, you might not have enough electricity. Turn off your electrical source and then connect it to an electrical power supply. If you are still having problems then switch to the second device. Controls will be done from either side to the other. For more information, watch this video. qqo5s2zcsr.

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