Granite Slabs How Are They Made? – Vacuum Storage


How do you go about making them? Here’s a glimpse of the process, from the Inform Tgm YouTube channel.

Quarries can also be found throughout India, Brazil and Italy. America has quarries for construction-grade granite. Quarries can be found anywhere granite lies within a certain distance of the surface. Granite is transported by large blocks. In order to make a block which could be moved, holes need to be made in the deposit of granite. Explosives are inserted into the holes. After being blasted, chunks are lifted using heavy machines to be loaded onto trucks.

These pieces can be delivered to stone-cutting companies. These companies turn the massive pieces into small slabs. As granite is tough, saws require diamond blades in order to cut it. Slabs then are smoothed and polished. This is accomplished by slab polishing machines that utilize diamond pads. It can take a lot of time to polish granite that is raw.

Slabs are separated into smaller groups of 6 or 7 that have a similar color as well as pattern. The slabs then are put into containers which can then be transported by ship to the location. Fabricators. The slabs are refined through the sales team. Finally, the slabs are put in the showrooms that allow homeowners to purchase. sl4zyyis9h.

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