Your Guide to a 5 Day Bathroom Remodel – DIY Home Ideas


Make sure you are prepared for this event. The preparation will help allow the demolition to be more secure and more efficient. You can avoid having to hire a professional and then demolish the bathroom by yourself. It will help you save some money. If you are careful and carry out the demolition appropriately then your five-day bathroom remodel will cost less.

Be aware that bathrooms are difficult area to tackle without the help of the assistance of a specialist. Because there are many things that are sensitive in the area such as electricity and plumbing and plumbing, that’s the reason. The best thing to do is leave demolition to professionals unless you know the exact location of lines of concern and are equipped with the right tools.

Take the necessary changes

Make sure to fix any issues with your bathroom in the course of the renovation. There is no need do the job over again or pay for repairs. If you’re looking for drain cleaning or want to put in French drains for instance be sure to incorporate these into the project. It’s simple to install, and it can lead you to your dream bathroom in only five days.

Be aware of which fixtures such as the bathtub, shower or electric switches will be placed if you plan to relocate them. Hire the relevant professional, who may be a electrician or plumber, to carry out the needed adjustments before proceeding with the rest of the project. This will make it much easier to proceed through the subsequent stages of the remodel and there is a greater chance of completing the work in the timeline you have set.

You should think about electrical work

Make sure you don’t renovate if there are any electrical issues in your bathroom. If you’re going take down your entire bathroom or just part of it, this is vital. That’s because you’ll likely have an electrical outlet


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