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If this isn’t the first time you’ve worked in this field however, you’ll still be able to understand everything there is to learn concerning HVAC gauges. Luckily, the Youtube video “How you can understand how Air Conditioning Gauges Function for Beginners” includes all the info you need that is laid out in an easy approach that is easy for everyone to comprehend. It’s time to learn more.

HVAC gauges are often referred to manifolds for refrigerants, and come in different types. They are used to gauge pressure. With the information, technicians can convert that pressure into temperature to calculate sub-cooling and superheat. The manifold’s scale displays different temperatures for various concentrations of the refrigerant. If the needle indicates some number, we can call that the saturation temperature.

It’s important to calibrate the HVAC gauges with atmospheric pressure which is why these manifolds measure at PSIG which is a pound for square inch. This is done using a screwdriver by turning the lever on the manifold till the needle goes to zero. There are two sides of HVAC gauges. The top side, or high-pressure gauge is usually in red while the low (low pressure) side will be blue. Below are the hoses.

For additional information on HVAC gauges, go through the entire video.


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