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If you’ve ever wanted to know what PDR Dent Removal works If you’ve ever wondered how PDR dent removal works, keep reading. You can view the entire process in the Youtube video, “Body Line Paintless Dent Removal Break Down – PDR Learning Tutorial” to help you are aware of the reason why it is so preferred, more affordable and of course, the reason it is effective. We’ll explore more!

in the film, host uses a whale tail tool to make a dent during the demonstration, and he suggests all shops that offer PDR dent removal to have one as it is great for making repairs to a vehicle’s body line. The first thing you must start this process is to focus at the crowns in the dent, which are usually beneath the indentation, and over it. So that the metal can flow again to its center, it is important to release tension.

The last thing you would like to do is to force things instead of trying to relax everything naturally. There is a need for the tap fitted with a steel plat inside. Start by tapping the tap down between the crowns so that you can release this tug-of-war that’s happening inside the metallic.

The rest part of the video for additional details on PDR dent removal.


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