An overview of the general tasks performed by asphalt maintenance services – Car Talk Podcast



Reduce costs by avoiding the damage caused by asphalt and then replace it with sealcoats, or even minor fillings of cracks.
Sealcoating asphalt improves the appearance of pavement It also prolongs its lifespan it reduces costs for maintenance, reduces the impact of water penetration , and also reduces the rate of oxidation. Seal coats should be applied each 3-7 years, according to the kind of sealcoat.

Crack Filling Cracks develop as the asphalt ages in response to fast change in temperature or the weight of traffic. The crack sealer made from rubber is employed because it has the best adhesion. Sealing protects the surface by keeping water away from the base layer. Cracks in the asphalt pavement need to be fixed every two years.

Painting and line striping is the last stage of the maintenance of asphalt. This refers to the process of re-painting the lines to guide traffic about where they are required to park or drive. Line stripe is applied as soon as you have applied asphalt sealer to your lines. It won’t look like a finished area and can cause confusion to drivers. You can improve curb appeal by hiring experts in asphalt maintenance.

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