302 vs 304 Stainless Steel Whats the Difference? – Blogging Information



These two stainless steels are quite similar. What differentiates them?

They are similar in that they’re composed of identical materials. These are the nickel carbon, carbon, chromium sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, and silicon. The stainless steels are classified as 304 and 302, depending upon the percentage of each components. Both are durable too.

Now let’s examine the differences. Both have distinct strengths. The 302 stainless steel is 90000 PSI. The 304 stainless steel is 85,000 PSI. The 302 stainless is more sturdy and has a lower chance to react with solvents, chemicals and acid. The differences in resistance to temperature between these steels are also minimal.

Go through the whole video to discover the different features and similarities of the two kinds made of stainless steel. This is depicted with graphs throughout video.


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