How They Stay Warm in One of the Coldest Places on Earth – Boston Equator


>Yakutia is one of the coldest regions around the globe. The temperature can drop as low as the temperature of -47°F. What’s the trick to being warm during the winter months when it’s cold in their home? The video below will explain how they cook their house.

All it takes is the insulation. Siberian Larch is used to build the structure. It is made of Oakum to pull between the logs , to keep cold air out. Birds may take the insulation and use it to make the nests of their birds, and so certain portions of it must be replaced each year. In order to add more insulation, sometimes snow will be included. Gas is used to heat the interior of the house. It is estimated that they use 1200 cubit meters of gas per for the duration of winter. Radiators are installed on every floor , and they heat the entire house. A water heater is also most likely to be used to heat water. The temperature is very comfortable in the home. Ironically, they have refrigerators in the doors, even when it’s colder outside. It’s for the ease that you don’t have to walk to the outside. Heating is crucial even if you don’t be located in Yakutia.


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