Why Can I Only Use a NEMA 5-15 Power Cord in the USA? – Concordia Research


Anies has a great answer for one of the frequently-asked questions which he was asked: “Why can’t I use the NEMA 5-15 power cord for other nations?”. Bob Wersen (President of Interpower Group) discusses the matter with his. Bob explains that NEMA 5-15 came from the National Electrical Manufacturers ‘ Association’s development for North American use. The cord was not intended for use in other countries. Check out the video for all the explanations and find out what volts are deemed acceptable in the USA in comparison to other nations.

He also said that countries around the world use the plug however these organizations aren’t yet able to establish electrical standards. There are many types of NEMA power cords. He goes on to explain this in an in-depth manner. It is essential to meet all applicable company rules for using the NEMA 5-15 power cable to run your business outside the USA. This power cord that could be very useful in your company.


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