Step by Step Residential Aluminum Fence Installation – Twilight Guide



Ed and the quantity of fencing being installed. In this video, we will demonstrate how to install an aluminum residential fence.

In the beginning, it is important be sure that the holes used for fence posts have been dug according to standards that are in line with the required specifications. Also, before you dig any holes you must call to make sure you are authorized to dig within the area you want to. Underground utilities are often clearly marked, making it difficult to go into the utilities. These holes must be larger than the frost line in your area. Augers powered by gas or manual are also options.

The whole thing depends on your personal preferences and available tools. Then you will need to fill in the holes using concrete, making sure that the posts are even throughout. As you work down the line of the fence, you will want to fill the holes with concrete. Depending on how wet the ground is, you can “dry pack” the concrete or mix it before filling the holes. The idea is to mark several distinct things as you go through this procedure.

If you’re not sure about the prospect of taking on your own installation of a residential fence Make sure to call a local fence company for advice on what the available options are.

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