Expert Tips for the Divorce Mediation Process – Law School Application



It is crucial to prepare to participate in mediation during divorce. Consider yourself an attorney , preparing yourself for trial. Mediation is conducted in an effort to ensure that the situation will not escalate into an actual trial, the method of preparation can be similar.

It’s crucial to remain in order. You must be organised. It’s easy to get emotional during this, but this should be done in a systematic and orderly manner to prevent any mess.

A thorough research process is necessary. Expert advice may be required from attorneys, financial analysts or other professionals. Information and plans are essential for any topic, not just your children’s assets, the future of your home.

It is you who decides the terms. The mediator acts as a neutral third party who is there to guide things as best they are able to. You must communicate your thoughts to the mediator in a courteous way.

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