How Can a Fire Alarm Maintenance Company Help Your Business Stay Safe? – Business Training Video


Systems for alarms which are more complex need greater upkeep. YouTube channel ORR Protection has a video which demonstrates what a maintenance firm does to ensure the maintenance of fire alarms.

The majority of smoke and fire alarms are powered through batteries. Once a certain interval of time, batteries need to be changed. Batteries should be changed every 3 to five years. There is a “cell-checker” could check the battery’s lifespan it is in use to verify the battery. Replacement of the battery can be written into a service contract prior to an installment.

A fire alarm maintenance company normally tests a building’s alarm system, by checking the alarm’s alarm once per year, and checking the smoke detectors two times a yearand looking at where certain systems are placed for a check to see if everything’s to code. They will inform them when the alarm system is damaged, has run out of batteries or isn’t correctly placed.

Understanding the fundamentals of a fire alarm system is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. liazstbcnk.

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