How to Know If Your Home Has Lead – DIY Home Decor Ideas


If you have one of the homes built before 1978, there is likely to be is lead-based paint in your home, both surface and interior.

The lead test is employed to establish if have lead-based paint. Wherever you suspect that you have lead-based paint you can use a knife to scrape down through all the layers of paint on the wall, making sure you get right to the base layer. You may need to combine a few chemicals to make the compound you’re conducting tests on for lead-based paint. Generally, if you have this mixture that reacts with paint and it becomes yellow, then you do not have lead-based paint. Lead-based paint is when it changes to red. It is recommended to treat all areas which have paint that is lead-based. Remember that having lead-based paints do not always mean there are problems. 9m2xs6d7l7.

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