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In a bowl, mix the zucchini noodles with piralized ingredients. Add the zucchini noodles and mix for around three minutes.

Stir in fresh parsley and thyme if your zucchini noodles can’t hold enough water. Keep the liquids in the simmer for one minute. The steak bites are placed in the skillet , and cook for 1 minute. Then, arrange the zucchini noodles onto the plates. You can enjoy your garlic butter beef bites, and zucchini noodles straight away.

This recipe demands that you cook your pan to a high temperature to ensure the steak bites are cooked to a nice, golden crust. They will cook between 5 and 7 minutes when the pan is heated. The bites of steak should be left alone for the first minute or so. Allow the steak bits to cook in the skillet. Cast-iron skillets are the ideal pan for cooking these steak pieces. They cook quickly and evenly distribute heat.

5. Pineapple Glazed BBQ Foil Packets

Its pineapple BBQ chicken recipe is also one of the most delicious and home-cooked meals for healthy eating. This recipe requires the following ingredients:

The chicken is skinless and boneless. breasts. Two cups of fresh pineapple pieces Fresh cracked black pepper Fine salt One piece of bell pepper green. One diced red pepper Half of a cup prepared bbq sauce One sliced jalapeno two tablespoons olive oil 2 teaspoons of smoke pepper One teaspoon of dried oregano. Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice Chop cilantro

Prepare your oven for 180°C (350°F) prior to making your pineapple-baked chicken foil packs. Lay about four 30×30 cm foil squares on the cooking surface. Add your bell peppers and pineapple chunks inside each square. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then, add the chicken breast to each foil square.

Mix the olive oil, barbecue sauce, and paprika with minced garlic.


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