Dont Do This in Your Portable Self Storage Business! – Ceve Marketing



Don’t do this. These are the top knowledge gems in the clip.

A high-visibility spot is important for self storage businesses. In particular, find a property that sits on a main thoroughfare with the highest traffic volume. The presenter says that the single largest source of his new leases came from people who drove past the storage facility he operates every all day. His company always was prominent when they required self storage.

A second mistake you should be aware of is making appropriate adjustments to the duration of creating a brand new project. There is a long time between when you have signed the contract until the moment you’re ready to start renting out units. There are numerous issues while you construct. For instance, getting permits for the building as well as securing the contractor, and architectural problems. The market might have changed in the meantime that your business has been established. Then you are aware of the mistakes to avoid when starting a portable self storage enterprise.


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