Top Ways to Go About Adding Value to Home Before Selling – DIY Projects for Home


They won’t consider even taking a peek inside. The potential buyers could rescind their offers if roof issues are discovered during inspections. You should consider replacing your roof if it’s in a bad state. Although it is a costly purchase replacing your roof is a wise investment. It can provide a return on investment of more than 68% if it’s resold. Due to several variables, like location, real estate market, as well as current market trends It can be difficult to calculate accurately. However, you can expect an ROI of roughly 70%.
9. Prevent Any Health Hazards

The prevention of health risks can increase your home’s value. A good practice is to employ a chimney sweep. If a potential buyer notices that the chimney in your home is filthy it could be shut off since not only does it pose a health hazard however, it makes people more inclined to believe all the other parts of the property has been neglected and not maintained. It creates the impression the owner doesn’t care much about the house and only done some quick fixes to sell it.

Based on the National Association of Realtors, the addition of a chimney can boost the worth of your home by 12 percent. The number may go down if the chimney is not maintained in a timely manner. The 12% figure may not appear at all in the grand scheme of things, but put it in perspective If you own the property value of $200,000, the chimney in good condition and functioning can increase the value of your property by 24,000. Professional chimney cleaners can sweep your chimney to provide affordable maintenance task that makes you distinguish yourself from others.

10. Pull It Together

The largest investment you’ll ever make is your home. It is important to protect and increase its value when you’re planning to sell your house. By following these guidelines, you can increase the likelihood of selling it at the amount you’ve set in your mind.


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