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t. But because there are several kinds of aircrafts, there is, consequently, various types of pilots. Training times may be different for each. Pilots also have the option of learning new skills or increase their current skills. The CE-525 Trainings will grant the opportunity to earn the Pilot In Command Type Rating that can be added to your license. If a pilot is keen on any type of aircraft from the Citation Jet series, they might want to start by watching the short video Citation 500 Series – Cockpit Preflight Setup. This video covers pre-flight inspections and prior setups.

Most of the training within Citation 525 centers on aircraft operation and procedure. The course is designed such a way that trainees will be able to practice routine maneuvers and emergency procedures. It is a course that will enhance the knowledge and the rating on a pilot’s certificate.

The course CE-525 is for pilots seeking to enhance their rating as a Pilot in Command. The courses are often flexible in that schedules and classes can be based on previous experiences in aviation and training. Pilots can choose to study in a single pilot mode, or as a CE-525S. It’s an ideal method to build a solid foundation. Initial training runs for 12 days.

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