Mold Testing Vs. Mold Assessment Whats the Difference? – Best Self-Service Movers


Testing and mold assessment can be interchanged. In the video below, we explain they mean and when the terms may be applied.
Testing for mold can be utilized to find out if there is mold present. The process of assessing mold, on the other hand is a more comprehensive process which involves the collecting of sample data to discover the cause and the extent of mold growth.
Because of the detailed procedure of mold evaluation that requires greater equipment than mold testing. Some of these devices might serve in both.
Most of the time, mold testing may be enough and a good way to save money. The procedure involves the use of an air sample as well as a swab sample to be taken in the lab to test the species of mold. It is very affordable and can be used to verify that mold is present.
If you want to find the cause behind the mold issue, making a mold test could be a good option. This process can be costly, but it gives a thorough report as well as suggestions for an answer. y99squ2s5m.

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