Where and How Do I File a Temporary Restraining Order? – IER Mann Legal News



watch this video for information on the best way to apply for the TRO. The TRO can be filed in a number of ways. When they’ve been abused or harmed and are harmed or harassed, they could file for a TRO.

Anyone who wishes to apply for a TRO can do so in an appropriate court or at the police station. It could be at a location they reside or have moved to, or in the location where the incident took place, or the location where the person who abused them lives. These locations all provide the possibility to file order to restraining.

After being granted permission to leave, the are required to sign a formal form. This includes information about the abuser’s family, their home and current location. They must also explain their relationship with the abuser and state whether they have children together. Next, they must justify why an warrant is needed. This should include an explanation of the circumstances and an information about whether the perpetrator has any weapons. After that and signed, the TRO is written, and the judge determines the case. If they are denied, they may contest the decision in a superior judge.


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