Flight Attendants Tape Violent Passenger to Chair – Strong Scene Contest


sionally you get Sometimes you’ll get. It happened with one recent flight. In this video it will be clear the way a snooty passenger created quite the commotion.

Most likely, the flight was just like any other. Then, things escalated when the plane was in flight. Unbecomingly touching flight attendants, an unidentified young man began to touch flight attendants. When confronted, the man became violent and began to punch an male attendant on the flight. They quickly gathered some Duct tape and taped him to the chair. The flight attendants along with other passengerswere safe until landing. The flight attendants even had to seal the mouth of the man as he was yelling obscenities at all times. It’s hard to visualize what thoughts were running through his head. Although the cause of the behavior remains unclear, it seems likely that this person was under influence at one point or the other. The man could have realized the need to call bail bondmen first. However, the judge decided that he should spend for 60 days in jail.


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