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makes use of a great deal of energy. Due to the high energy consumption, it is crucial that environmentally friendly clothing is looked at. In this post we will examine some materials that can be used to make eco-friendly clothing.

Cotton is the initial material which we will discuss. Organic cotton is completely free of hazardous chemicals. This makes it an excellent substance. Water usage is one of the main disadvantages associated with cotton production. The amount of water utilized in production is very high and it needs a great deal of sources to increase its production.

Tencel is yet another type of material is often used to make clothes. One of the benefits of tencel is that it gets fibers from wood. The wood comes from a variety of trees. The wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Last but not least, the final product which we’ll be discussing is linen. Linen is a type of fiber that comes from the flax plant. While making linen, there’s not any chemical substances used in the extraction of the fibers.


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