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There is a wide range of online training programs before attending school. In the ground school, they are followed by simulation events. Training can run up to one weeks.
When Will You Have to perform Recurrent Training?

The duration of your training is set by the department of flight training, but it must happen each year. You must have your recurrent training completed by the end on the 13th day of each month. You can decide which classes to take based on the level of seniority. The training program will end before bidding commences for the next schedule of flights.

What Do Recurrent Training Classes Do They Cover?

These courses cover nearly everything you’ll need to know as a pilot. They cover Cruise security, hazmat aircraft systems, emergency procedure training, and more. During your training the course will include two days of ground instruction and will be taught the emergency procedures and operational policies. Also, you will learn from past accidents and how to avoid them. It is expected that you pass a written test at the end to ensure that you understand the process of requires to become a pilot. The simulators will be used to ensure you’re prepared in case of abnormal scenarios and emergency plans. These will help ensure you’re safe and able to continue to fly for the airline you are flying with.

Swayne did not go through the basic concepts of recurrent training in the video. Instead, Swayne showed you footage from simulations as well as classroom time. Recurrent training is crucial for protecting everyone. To ensure that everyone is properly trained for safety Pilots, flight attendants, and pilots need to pass this course. Swayne Martin gives more specifics regarding being a pilot and how it all works. Join Swayne Martin’s newsletter to get more details. According to research by OliverWyman that by the year 2029 the need for pilots in the world will have reached a peak.


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