Basics of Aging Your Own Whiskey – Arts and Music PA


A barrel that is smaller will be better for the process of aging whiskey. The smaller barrels contain higher volumes of whiskey. This leads to the process of ageing to speed up exponentially compared to manufactured whiskey that’s contained in 53g barrels.

A half-gallon barrel is required with two bottles of 110 proof aged, or white dog whiskey. Also, you will require warm water. Pour hot water, by placing in a funnel near the top. The result is swelling, which makes the barrel watertight. It could take several hours and so it is recommended to allow it to rest for an overnight period prior to draining the water.

Pour the unaged whiskey inside the barrel. You will have some space remaining. You can fill the remainder of the barrel up with filtered water in order to lower the proof back to a level that is more acceptable. Be sure that the barrel is totally sealed before putting the barrel aside in a temperature-controlled area.

To ensure the best flavor To ensure that you get the most flavorful, continue tasting to ensure the best flavor throughout the aging process. If you’re pleased with the flavors, you’re able to put the whiskey back in the bottles. It’s all set to be served!


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