Introduction to Audiology – SCHUMM


The activities that take place daily in the department of audiology.

Audiology is the science of hearing and balance. Audiologists assess the degree and the type of hearing loss a sufferer is and formulate strategies for treatment. Audiologists are health professionals that identify, analyze and manage problems with hearing, balance as well as other neurosystems. The field of audiology is particularly important for an early intervention. Audiologists use a variety of test methods to identify if someone is sensitive to sounds. The goal of audiologists in young children is to identify hearing loss as early as three months of age. Infants do not have the ability to say what they hear they hear, audiologists employ a method known as an ABR. The test determines how the brain reacts to sound.

There are three options to a person with an issue with hearing. First, hearing aids are the most sought-after device. A second option is therapeutic intervention. It is the time when you learn to hear better. Another option is to establish an educational foundation to support children. Being a parent of a child suffering from hearing issues is an entirely different route than normal and it helps the child to evaluate their behaviors and their reactions to sound.


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