Learn How to Split Wood the Old Fashioned Way – Benro Properties


The process works with both experienced and unseasoned logs. However, it’s more effective for the seasoned logs because they are more stable and have a lesser chance of splitting unevenly.

Choose a wedge that is closest to the length of the log. A smaller wedge if you are working on a big, round piece of wood however, in general you should comply with the previous rule.

You may be able to employ a wedge which appears like it would work on smaller pieces of wood first, then attempt it with a larger log. While splitting wood is tedious, it is possible to speed up the process with modern techniques such as the commercial splitters for logs. Splitting wood has been a part of life throughout time.

Wood splits can be utilized to create kindling, a border or a decorative feature in your backyard. You can use a wedge and the sledgehammer for splitting logs into little enough pieces for burning inside a woodstove or fireplace. d9ub8uj9o7.

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