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Double vision shouldn’t be overlooked. Consult an eye specialist right away if you have double vision. Double vision may be an early sign of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy or other eye problems. Insight Vision Center Optometry explains the best way to eliminate double-vision.

When you have double vision, your eyes may not be aligned, so each eye is focusing on a slightly distinct area. The brain gets distracted by these images, which results in the double image blurred. It is possible to have double vision with one eye or both.

Double vision therapy trains the brain to bring both eyes into alignment by moving eye muscles. The therapy is based on exercises that are at first extremely simple but then gradually become more difficult. Any age group can benefit from this therapy to treat chronic double sight.

New prescription glasses also help correct double vision. These lenses are known as a prism lens. There are two kinds of prism lenses, hard and soft contact, they’re not ideal for people with double vision. The cause for your double vision is what will determine the best lens for you. kzvzb2kfmf.

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