Billing for Physical Therapy – Small Business Tips



This article explains how long the physical therapist should spend working with each client prior to having to bill them for a specific amount of units. He also discusses the principle of eights, and how this rule is commonly used in the calculation of costs for physical therapy. In the rule of eights, the physical therapist will not be qualified to invoice any units to the client. After the physical therapist performed a therapy session for clients for an 8-minute period, it is eligible for one unit billing. The charge for every 15 minutes added to the time increases the number of units to the next amount. A 23-minute session would cost the client 2 units. If the session lasts for 38 minutes, the professional can bill the client three units. When the session is over, at 53 minutes they can charge the client to pay four units.

The first thing to take into consideration is the kind of job being completed on the client as well as the duration of time for which the work has to be done. The client must be charged for two distinct activities in a separate bill. A specialist performing nine minutes of therapy may only cost one unit on the basis of the nine minutes.

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