A Day in the Life of an EMT Student – Discovery Videos


While your course materials may depend somewhat on the country you’re being trained in, or on the training program you join You should be able to have a similar experience as the majority of EMT students.

This video shows the typical day of an EMT nearing her retirement. The first thing she does is get up and begins her journey to class. Every day begins with a class. But her learning doesn’t end there. The instructors show how to put on a neck brace by demonstrating the use of the neck brace on trainees. After that, students practice CPR on dummies specifically designed to mimic people as close as they can. Additionally, they learn how the use of AEDs using the same dummies.

In order to get the most beneficial accelerated EMT VA certification There will be a mixture of lecture and training in the field. A lot of these courses include internship time to help participants become more adept at being EMTs before they attain their full certification.

If you’re still confused about what to expect of your EMT education, then those who run the program can provide specific information. 616yim4r8h.

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