How Does My Air Conditioner Work? – Best Self-Service Movers


An environment that’s cozy to all. Air conditioners are particularly important during hot summer days in which temperatures are high. However, despite their wide use and their underlying processes, the operations of air conditioners have been largely understood by most. The YouTube video “How Air Conditioning Functions” explores how an air conditioner functions to fulfill its cooling and heating functions.

The principle behind the working of an air conditioner relies upon the fluidity that exists between the liquid and gas. If liquids have evaporated, they require energy to convert to gaseous forms, which leads to a drop in the temperature of the energy source. When it comes to air conditioners, refrigerant in the coils has a low boiling point that can be readily converted to gas at the temperature of ambient. The fan moves cool air in the room , by sucking energy from the air.

The heat absorption by the refrigerant is blown outside in the space while the refrigerant is condensed to liquid. This cooling process can be repeated. This is achieved by using an air compressor which increases the pressure in the refrigerant gas. q9tvbuwymj.

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