The Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Roofs


l roofing service will assist you in determining which type or design of roof is suitable for your needs. The roofing process is costly that is accomplished with a number of different ways.
Corrugated roof sheeting prices are around three to five dollars per square foot. The most affordable standing seam roofing in the market is four to five dollars per square foot for a homeowner who pays approximately ten dollars per square foot for the cost of materials and labor.
In evaluating the costs of a steel roof against the shingles it is important to consider the costs of each material. The cost for metal roofing is 6 to 12 dollars per square foot installed and compared with three to seven dollars per square foot for asphalt shingle roof.
In addition to asking about the cost, most homeowners want to know if the metal roof is able to be put on top of the current roofing shingles. It’s true that metal roofs can be lightweight, making them ideal to put directly on top of an existing shingle roof. A metal roofer can help. hilikcqbhz.

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