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There’s a YouTube video on their channel titled “PRINTER Repair Solid Color Background HP CP4525,” where they describe how to fix that particular model that’s so common. This instructor travels and gives seminars on printing solutions across the US. Learn more!
Color printing

The biggest issue with the CP4525 printer is the black and white print setup. The printer must be in a position to print a full color page. According to the instructor, instructors took apart their machine before putting it back together after the course. However, when printing a page with color, the printer only prints just one solid color, like magenta or yellow.

You don’t need to panic in the event that this happens. It is important to master how to troubleshoot basic issues. It is recommended to check the cartridges before you swap the cartridges. If the issue continues, there is a good chance that there is a connection issue. This is when most people employ printer services but there are several solutions to resolve the issue, mainly because you’re receiving signals to print this document incorrectly.

You can watch the remainder of this video for further information. Then you will have color printing in less than a minute!


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