Why You Need an Isolation Transformer – Andre Blog


A medical-grade isolation transformer utilizes two methods to avoid from shock while keeping electricity moving. These small and portable devices make use of a safety ground or a double reinforced method. The safety ground transformers include safeguards that help keep out shocks caused by the hot outlet, but these protection shields may break. If they do, the electrical current is directed directly to the ground instead of surging into the device or outlet. This second option uses two layers rather than just one security barrier. If one of the layers is damaged, the second still works to prevent the shock.

The hospitals have a variety of devices that require large amounts electricity. These put patients as well as personnel at risk of electrocutions. Equipment like diagnostics can also cause short-circuits, effectively making the equipment useless. The short-circuits could cause equipment that is lifesaving to turn off. The isolation transformer is able to reduce the possibility of short-circuits as they can handle large quantities of electricity. vspg83y551.

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